Mother & child care centre

Wonderfull talent

Mother&ChildCare Centre has offered a 12-year-old boy in emergency work within the foundation so he can become self-reliant. He works with the Mother &ChildCare foundation on a program.

He has a big dream for the future and follow his dreams. He is one of our students at Mother & Child Care Centre. 

This boy has a talent he makes beautiful paintings and it would be nice to Support him during this difficult time in Indonesia So he can become self-reliant and fund his medical expenses...

We offer him a great chance for a better life. These unique paintings are being offered for sale in the name H and A of the Foundation Mother & ChildCare Centre Bali of which he is proud, together with the goal that he wants to achieve to inspire more people so that he can make more paintings and later also help childeren in need such as himself that is his dream.